Performance lifts

Air-assisted boat lift is a floating boat lift and dock that lifts your craft completely out of the water. It has air chambers under the dock for lifting of heavier craft. 

Floating boat lift

Dock your boat or Jet Ski in seconds with Jet Dock floating boat lift. There is no cranking or electrical parts. Our boat lifts and docks require no maintenance.

Featured Floating Lifts & Docks

Jet Ski Floating lift

With Jet Dock floating PWC jet ski lifts, you'll save your craft from undue wear, intake fouling and tear, and improve ease of use. 

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Kayak Dock

Launch and dock on the water ...   "Paddle-on and slide-off" TM.  It is our exclusively designed launch channel coupled with Sequential Flexing technology that enables a smooth launch.

Seaplane dock

​Owners of seaplanes face many of the same issues as boaters regarding mooring and fighting fouling due to chronic water storage. This is the solution ...

Jet ski launching

Launch your Jet Ski with one hand. Jet Dock  PWC lifts features a simple drive on design and ample walk-around space, making it easy to launch your personal watercraft.