wants to ensure your satisfaction with your floating lift . It starts with matching the correct lift with the specifications of your Jet Ski, Dinghy, Boat, Catamaran or Rib.  Please contact us:                              1 (877) 485 2925 has carefully chosen not to sell its products online. Why? Your purchase of a JetDock system is highly specialized. It requires the proper choices and documentation to select the system that is right for you. 

Here are some of the key issues for boat lift and floating dock systems:

1. What is the length, width, weight & year of your watercraft?

2. Where you will moor your JetDock, what is your water depth at the connection point and the seawardmost point, what is your sea floor composition, what is your water-level fluctuation, what is your existing dock structure made of, how much current do you have, how much wake or waves do you experience, etc.

3. Who will be using the JetDock? You, your children, the elderly, the public?

4. How will you use your JetDock boat lift -- weekend storage, full time storage, boat rental operation, moored under the bow of your cruiser in a rented boat slip?

As you can see, there is a LOT involved in choosing the right boat lift or boat dock for you! Once we carefully collect your information, we will design several JetDock options for you, choose the proper mooring systems, suggest a few accessories, and specify the most efficient freight or professional delivery and installation options for you. None of this customized service could you ever receive on-line ! 

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Design your Dock ... Endless possibilites

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Boat Lifts Designed or Parks and Recreational Facilities

Parks and recreation facilities have the broadest spectrum of boat docking and lifting needs of anyone. Some sites need simple floating dock access for swimming. Some areas need mooring for small fishing boats or canoes. Some locations are leasing to PWC or boat rental operations and need functional and durable PWC lift and boat lift solutions. Whatever the needs are, Jet Dock Systems are designed to fit almost any watercraft and docking situation.

Modular and Interchangeable

Jet Dock boat lifts and floating walkways are ideal for parks and recreational facilities because they are modular and interchangeable. A floating boat lift that can dock only one watercraft, can easily be added onto and changed to accommodate a second watercraft or more. Our T-Shaped floating walkways can quickly be rearranged to a U-Shape or L-Shaped dock. Unlike traditional boat lifts and docks, Jet Dock Systems can grow with a park or rec facility overtime, molding to specific needs.

Boat Lifts for All Water Levels

Even more diverse than the docking needs for Parks and Recreation Managers are their different and challenging water sites that they must work with! Some parks have deep water, some have shallow water, some have times when there is no water at all. Your Jet Dock watercraft management system will accommodate all these conditions, and more. Our patented design works in all water levels, making it the most versatile floating boat lift on the market.

Have fluctuating or tidal waters? Jet Dock is the answer. Changing needs? Jet Dock's modular design and Lifetime Warranty guarantees you have made the smartest marine invest for your Park and Recreation Facility. Be a hero with your staff and the public. Jet Dock offers the ideal boat lifts for parks and public facilities!

Contact us today to get started. Our experts are ready to work with your public park or recreational facility to design a custom boat lift and dock solution that fits perfectly. 

Drive-On Floating Boat Lift Systems

Our floating boat lifts are the safest, most user-friendly and convenient lifts available. Our clever lifting design is maintenance-free, so you can have more fun on the boat, and less time maintaining your equipment! Our product is not just a dock, but performs numerous other features and tasks. It may be more accurate to say that our system is a "floating boat lifting apparatus with mooring and storage capabilities". Our innovative design has been a step above the rest for years, allowing a water craft owner to spend less time storing and more time enjoying their craft.

Whether you have a Jet Ski, kayak, 12' dinghy, power boat, or a 50' offshore performance boat, our product will provide the easy drive-on boat lift method, maintenance-free construction, superior boarding and access, while remaining modular and portable. Our drive-on floating boat docks are simply the best solution to all of your docking situations!

What is one of the main benefits of using one of our lifts? Corrosion prevention. No more time consuming, expensive hauling of your craft in and out of the water for cleaning and repainting! It is not difficult to spot the difference between boats that are stored on our boat lifts and those that sit in the water full time. Other watercrafts are subjected to the corrosiveness of the maritime environments which leads to staining of the hull, in addition to substantial amounts of algae, moss, and muck – all degrading the performance of the watercraft.

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